Judiciary Administration

Ms Esther LEUNG (front row, second right), Judiciary Administrator and directorate staff of the Judiciary Administration.

The Judiciary Administration is headed by the Judiciary Administrator, who assists the Chief Justice in the overall administration of the Judiciary. It provides support to the courts in the administration of justice and their operations.

Judiciary Administration
Ms Esther LEUNG, Judiciary Administrator

Chief Justice's Private Office
Ms Patricia SO, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Policy Support) cum
Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice
Chief Justice’s Private Office Mr Dominic CHOWAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Policy Support) 2 cum Deputy Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice [up to 23.11.2022]

Planning and Development Division
Ms Winky SO, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Planning and Development)
(a)Planning and Development Division Ms Sandra LAMAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Planning and Development)
(b)Accommodation SectionMr K K CHANAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Accommodation)
Mr Jonathan MANChief Judiciary Executive (Accommodation)1
Ms Katy YAMChief Judiciary Executive (Accommodation)2
Mr Gary LAUChief Judiciary Executive (Court Security)
Ms Ruby KONGSenior Architect
(c)Information Technology Office (Technical)Ms Candy CHANChief Systems Manager (Information Technology)
Mr Patrick LAISenior Systems Manager (1)
Mr Jones TAMSenior Systems Manager (2)
Mr Alex LEESenior Systems Manager (3)
Mr Alex TAISenior Systems Manager (4)
(d)Information Technology Office (Operational)Ms Terie TAMAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Quality and Information Technology)
Mr Brian CHIUChief Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)
(e)Digital Audio Recording and Transcription Services SectionMs Peggy LAIChief Judiciary Executive (Digital Audio Recording and Transcription Services)
(f)Management Review and Information SectionMs Prudence CHANChief Judiciary Executive (Management Review and Information)
(g)Complaints OfficeMs Winnie LEESenior Judiciary Executive (Complaints)

Policy Support Division
Ms Patricia SO, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Policy Support) cum
Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice
(a)Policy Support OfficeMr David LAUAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Policy Support) 1
(b)Secretariat for Complaints against Judicial ConductMs Vivian WAHChief Judiciary Executive (Secretariat for Complaints against Judicial Conduct)
(c)Press & Public Relations OfficeMs Esther LIChief Information Officer (Judiciary)

Operations Division
Ms Wendy CHEUNG, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Operations)
(a)Operations Division Ms Nancy MAKAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Operations)
Ms Winifred CHANChief Judiciary Executive (Operations)
(b)Support to Judges SectionMs Terri TANGChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)1
Ms Carol FUNGChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)2
Ms Pauline KWOKChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)3
(c)Clerk of Court's OfficeMs Twinky LOClerk of Court
(d)Court of Final Appeal RegistryMs Jo CHOWSenior Judicial Clerk I (Court of Final Appeal)
(e)High Court RegistryMs Wendy CHUIChief Judicial Clerk (High Court Registry)
(f)Competition Tribunal RegistryMs Priscilla WONGSenior Judicial Clerk I (Competition Tribunal)
(g)District Court Ms Anny TAMChief Judicial Clerk (Registry, District Court)
Ms Clare TSANGChief Judicial Clerk (Courts, District Court)
(h)Family Court RegistryMs Wendy SHUMChief Judicial Clerk (Family Court)
(i)Lands Tribunal RegistryMs Ada LAWChief Judicial Clerk (Lands Tribunal)
(j)Magistrates' Courts General OfficeMr Jack SUENSenior Judiciary Executive (Magistracies)
(k)Probate RegistryMs Jolly LAMChief Probate Officer
(l)Labour Tribunal RegistryMs Elizabeth LEERegistrar (Labour Tribunal)
(m)Small Claims Tribunal Registry Ms Helen CHANActing Chief Judicial Clerk (Small Claims Tribunal)
(n)Court Language SectionMs Vivien WONGChief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)1
Mr Brian YAUChief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)2
Ms Barbara WONGChief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)3
(o)Bailiff SectionMs F L CHIMChief Bailiff (Administration and Admiralty)
Mr T S YUChief Bailiff (Operations)
(p)Mediation SectionMs April LAMChief Judiciary Executive (Mediation Affairs)
Mr Ernest TSANGMediation Coordinator

Corporate Services Division
Mr Jock TAM, Assistant Judiciary Administrator (Corporate Services)
(a)Finance Section Ms Cindy CHANChief Treasury Accountant
(b)Judges and Judicial Officers SectionMs Queenie LEUNGChief Judiciary Executive (Judges and Judicial Officers)
(c)Support Staff SectionMr Kelvin SIUChief Judiciary Executive (Support Staff)
(d)Legal Reference and Library SectionMs Miranda FUNGSenior Judiciary Executive (Legal Reference and Library)