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Highlights of Events in 2010
List of Judges and Judicial Officers
Caseload, Disposal and Court Waiting Time at Different Level of Courts
Membership List of the Civil Justice Reform Monitoring Committee
Membership List of the Working Party on Mediation
Membership List of the Court Users' Committees
Membership List of the Judicial Studies Board
Judiciary Administration
Training Activities Organised / Co-ordinated by the Judicial Studies Board
Number of Visits and Vistors to the Judiciary
Expenditure and Revenue of the Judiciary in 2009-10
Complaints against Judges and Judicial Officers
Complaints against the Judiciary Administration
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List of Judges and Judicial Officers

Court of Final Appeal

Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal

 The Hon Chief Justice Andrew LI, GBM #
 The Hon Chief Justice Geoffrey MA  (w.e.f. 1.9.2010)

Permanent Judges of the Court of Final Appeal

 The Hon Mr Justice S K S BOKHARY 
 The Hon Mr Justice Patrick CHAN 
 The Hon Mr Justice R A V RIBEIRO 

Non-Permanent Judges of the Court of Final Appeal

 Mr Gerald Paul NAZARETH, GBS 
 Mr John Barry MORTIMER, GBS 
 The Hon Henry Denis LITTON, GBM 
 The Hon Mr Justice Robert TANG, SBS   (w.e.f. 1.9.2010)
 The Hon Mr Justice Frank STOCK  (w.e.f. 1.9.2010)
 The Hon Mr Justice Michael J HARTMANN  (w.e.f. 1.9.2010)
 The Hon Sir Anthony MASON 
 The Rt Hon the Lord HOFFMANN 
 The Hon Sir Gerard BRENNAN 
 The Rt Hon the Lord MILLETT 
 The Rt Hon the Lord WOOLF of Barnes 
 The Rt Hon the Lord SCOTT of Foscote 
 Mr Michael McHUGH 
 The Rt Hon Sir Thomas Munro GAULT 
 Mr Murray GLEESON 
 The Rt Hon the Lord WALKER of Gestingthorpe 
 The Rt Hon the Lord NEUBERGER of Abbotsbury 
#Retired in 2010

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High Court

Chief Judge of the High Court

 The Hon Mr Justice Geoffrey MA  (up to 31.8.2010)

Justices of Appeal of the Court of Appeal of the High Court

 The Hon Mr Justice Anthony G ROGERS, V-P 
 The Hon Mr Justice K H WOO, GBS, V-P 
 The Hon Mr Justice Robert TANG, SBS, V-P 
 The Hon Mr Justice Frank STOCK, V-P  
 The Hon Mrs Justice Doreen LE PICHON, JA 
 The Hon Mr Justice Peter CHEUNG, JA 
 The Hon Mr Justice Wally YEUNG, JA 
 The Hon Madam Justice Maria C YUEN, JA 
 The Hon Mr Justice Michael J HARTMANN, JA  
 The Hon Madam Justice Susan KWAN, JA 

Judges of the Court of First Instance of the High Court

 The Hon Mr Justice David YAM 
 The Hon Mrs Justice Verina S BOKHARY 
 The Hon Mr Justice K K PANG 
 The Hon Mr Justice William D STONE 
 The Hon Madam Justice Clare-Marie BEESON 
 The Hon Mr Justice Azizul R SUFFIAD 
 The Hon Mr Justice Arjan H SAKHRANI 
 The Hon Mr Justice Andrew CHUNG 
 The Hon Madam Justice Carlye CHU 
 The Hon Mr Justice Louis TONG 
 The Hon Mr Justice Michael A McMAHON 
 The Hon Mr Justice Johnson LAM 
 The Hon Mr Justice Andrew CHEUNG 
 The Hon Mr Justice Michael V LUNN 
 The Hon Mr Justice Aarif T BARMA 
 The Hon Mr Justice Anselmo F T REYES 
 The Hon Mr Justice Barnabas FUNG 
 The Hon Mrs Justice Judianna W L BARNES 
 The Hon Mr Justice Alan R WRIGHT 
 The Hon Mr Justice S C POON 
 The Hon Mr Justice John L SAUNDERS 
 The Hon Mr Justice Darryl G SAW 
 The Hon Mr Justice Anthony TO 
 The Hon Mr Justice Peter J LINE 
 The Hon Madam Justice Maggie POON 
 The Hon Mr Justice Derek PANG 
 The Hon Mr Justice Colin R MACKINTOSH 
 The Hon Mr Justice H C AU 
  The Hon Mr Justice Jonathan R HARRIS 
 The Hon Mr Justice Mohan T BHARWANEY   (w.e.f. 1.2.2010)
 The Hon Mr Justice Joseph P FOK   (w.e.f. 1.2.2010)
 The Hon Mr Justice Andrew C MACRAE  (w.e.f. 12.4.2010)

Recorders of the Court of First Instance of the High Court

 Mr Benjamin YU, SBS, SC, JP 
 Mr FUNG Pak-tung, Patrick, SC 
 Mr Andrew Colin MACRAE, SC  (up to 11.4.2010)
 Mr Ambrose HO, SC, JP 
 Mr JAT Sew-tong, SC 
 Mr CHAN Kin-keung, Anthony, SC 
 Mr Rimsky YUEN, SC 
 Mr SHIEH Wing-tai, Paul, SC 
 Mr WONG Yuk-lun, Horace, SC   (w.e.f. 1.1.2010)
 Mr CHOW Ka-ming, Anderson, SC  (w.e.f. 1.1.2010)

Registrar, High Court

 Ms AU YEUNG Kwai-yue, Queeny 

Deputy Registrars, High Court

 Mr HO Chi-yin, Andy 
 Mr LUNG Kim-wan 

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District Court

Chief District Judge

  His Honour Judge Patrick LI 

Principal Family Court Judge

 Her Honour Judge Bebe CHU 

District Judges

 His Honour Judge Peter K M LONGLEY 
 His Honour Judge Brian L de SOUZA 
 His Honour Judge Bruno CHAN 
 Her Honour Judge H C WONG 
 His Honour Judge Stephen CHOW 
 His Honour Judge Ian E CARLSON 
 Her Honour Judge Esther TOH 
 His Honour Judge Y W YUNG #
 Her Honour Judge Mary YUEN #
 His Honour Judge Stephen J GEISER 
 His Honour Judge David LOK 
 His Honour Judge Louis CHAN 
 Her Honour Judge Marlene NG 
 Her Honour Judge Susana M D'ALMADA REMEDIOS 
 His Honour Judge Kevin A BROWNE 
 His Honour Judge Michael WONG 
 His Honour Judge Joseph YAU 
 His Honour Judge Andrew CHAN 
 His Honour Judge Stanley CHAN 
 His Honour Judge C M LEUNG 
 Her Honour Judge Sharon D MELLOY 
 Her Honour Judge Mimmie CHAN 
 His Honour Judge Garry TALLENTIRE 
 His Honour Judge Eddie YIP 
 Her Honour Judge Katina LEVY 
 His Honour Judge C K CHAN 
 His Honour Judge Simon KWANG 
 His Honour Judge Albert WONG 
 His Honour Judge Frankie YIU 
 His Honour Judge K W WONG 
 His Honour Judge S T POON 
 His Honour Judge Justin KO 
 His Honour Judge Douglas YAU 
 Her Honour Judge Anthea PANG  (w.e.f. 1.2.2010)
#Retired in 2010

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Lands Tribunal

Member, Lands Tribunal

 Mr LO Wai-kwong 

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Magistrates' Courts and other Tribunals

Chief Magistrate

 Mr TONG Man  

Principal Magistrates

 Mr KWOK Wai-kin 
 Mr LIN Kam-hung, Ernest Michael 
 Mr MA Hon-cheung, Andrew 
 Mr LAM Wai-kuen, Josiah 
 Mr CHOW Siu-wo, Anthony 
 Mr KWOK Kai-on, Anthony 
 Mr TAM Lee-cheung 


 Mr THOMAS David Ian #
 Ms LOH Lai-kuen 
 Mr LI Wai-chi 
 Mr CHEUNG Wai-tat, Ronald 
 Mr WAHAB Abu Bakar bin 
 Mr LAU Wing-shing, Denis 
 Mr CHAN Pik-kiu, Michael 
 Mr MIERCZAK Henry Anthony 
 Mr YUEN Wai-ming, Anthony 
 Mr DUFTON David John 
 Mr CASEWELL Timothy Harry 
 Mr LAW Tak-chuen, Peter 
 Mr YU Mun-kee, Roy 
 Mr SMOUT Stephen 
 Ms KOT Sin-yee, Angela 
 Mr PANG Chung-ping 
 Mr SHAM Siu-man 
 Ms WOODCOCK Amanda Jane 
 Mrs WU CHAU Yuen-man, Mary 
 Mr AU See-hin, Selwyn Hason  
 Mr HUI Shiu-keung, Peter 
 Ms CHOW Yin-chu, Merinda 
 Mr GLASS John Trevor #
 Mr LEE Ka-chai, Lambert 
 Mr HUI Ka-ho 
 Mr WONG Kin-tong, Jack 
 Ms WOO Huey-fang, Bernadette 
 Ms LO Kit-yee, Katherine 
 Mr WONG Yu-wing, Symon 
 Ms CHAN Ling-ling, Tracy 
 Mr CHAN Kam-cheong, Rickie 
 Mr NG Sing-wai, William 
 Mr TAM Kwok-wah 
 Mr CHAN Jong-herng, Johnny 
 Mrs TSE CHING Adriana Noelle 
 Miss YIM Shun-yee, Ada 
 Mr WONG Wai-kuen 
 Mr LAI Tat-cheung, Reuden 
 Mr OWN George 
 Mr MAK Kwok-cheung 
 Mr TO Ho-shing 
 Miss CHAN Yuk-fan, Grace 
 Mr LO Kit-man, Simon 
 Mr LEE Hing-nin, Clement 
 Mr CHEANG Kei-hong 
 Mr LAM Kar-yan, Gary 
 Mr SO Man-lung, Don 
 Mr WONG Kwok-fai, Raymond 
 Ms CHAN Wai-mun 
 Miss CHOW Pok-fun, Josephine 
 Mr PANG Ka-kwong 
 Mr WONG Lai-wing 
 Mr HO Chin-pang, Dick 
 Mr LUI Kin-man, Simon 
 Mr YIP Sue-pui, Lawrence 
 Mr SO Wai-tak 
 Mr CHEUNG Kwan-ming 
 Mr WAN Siu-ming, Jason 
 Miss CHUI Yee-mei, Ivy 
  Mr LI Kwok-wai  (w.e.f. 15.1.2010)

Special Magistrates

 Mr HO Kang-kei, Daniel 
 Mr TAM Ka-huen 
 Mr CHAN Chi-kim 
 Mr YU Cheuk-man 
 Miss NG Chung-yee, Debbie 
 Miss HEUNG Shuk-han, Veronica 
 Mr CHU Chung-keung 
#Retired in 2010

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