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Review of 2015
Highlights of events in 2015
List of Judges and Judicial Officers
Caseload, Case Disposal and Waiting Time at Different Court Levels
Membership list of the Civil Justice Reform Monitoring Committee
Membership list of the Working Party on Mediation
Membership list of the Court Users' Committees
Membership list of the Judicial Studies Board
Judiciary Administration
Judicial Training
Number of Visits and Vistors to the Judiciary
Expenditure and Revenue of the Judiciary in 2014-2015
Complaints Against Judges and Judicial Officers
Complaints Against the Judiciary Administration
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Judiciary Administration

 Judiciary Administration

Miss Emma LAU , Judiciary Administrator

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 Operations Division

Mr NG Sek-hon, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Operations) [up to 19.11.2015]
(a)Information Technology Office (Technical)Mr Kenneth YEUNGActing Chief Systems Manager (Information Technology) [up to 10.5.2015]
Mr Kenneth YEUNGChief Systems Manager (Information Technology) [w.e.f. 11.5.2015]
(b)Information Technology Office (Operational)Mr Wilson CHIUActing Assistant Judiciary Administrator (Quality and Information Technology)Note 1
(c)Operations Division Ms Betty CHANChief Judiciary Executive (Operations) [up to 7.9.2015]
Ms Winifred CHANActing Chief Judiciary Executive (Operations) [w.e.f. 8.9.2015]
(d)Support to Judges SectionMs Gloria POONChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)1
Mr Kenneth LIUChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)2
Ms Peggy CHANChief Judiciary Executive (Support to Judges)3
(e)Clerk of Court's OfficeMrs Pamela PANGClerk of Court
(f)Court of Final Appeal RegistryMs Wendy CHUIActing Senior Judicial Clerk I (Court of Final Appeal)
(g)High Court RegistryMs Catherine LIChief Judicial Clerk (High Court Registry)
(h)Competition Tribunal RegistryMs Priscilla WONGSenior Judicial Clerk I (Competition Tribunal)
(i)District Court Mr Barry LEEChief Judicial Clerk (Registry, District Court)
Mrs Flora CHUNGChief Judicial Clerk (Courts, District Court) [up to 12.4.2015]
Mr M K LAMChief Judicial Clerk (Courts, District Court) [w.e.f. 13.4.2015]
(j)Family Court RegistryMs Jackie LUIChief Judicial Clerk (Family Court)
(k)Lands Tribunal RegistryMs Evelyn CHEUNGChief Judicial Clerk (Lands Tribunal)
(l)Magistrates' Courts General OfficeMs Elsa CHANSenior Judiciary Executive (Magistracies)
(m)Probate RegistryMs Memory WONGActing Chief Probate Officer
(n)Labour Tribunal RegistryMr W M WONGActing Registrar (Labour Tribunal)
(o)Small Claims Tribunal Registry Mr Calvin YAUActing Chief Judicial Clerk ( Small Claims Tribunal )
(p)Court Language SectionMs Celina WONGChief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)1
Ms Millia TANGActing Chief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)2
Ms Patience IPChief Judiciary Executive (Court Language)3
(q)Bailiff SectionMr Sunny KWANChief Bailiff (Administration and Admiralty)
Mr T M CHOIChief Bailiff (Operations)
(r)Mediation Information OfficeMs April LAMSenior Mediation Affairs Officer
(s)Family Mediation Coordinator's OfficeMrs Heidy KWONGMediation Coordinator (Family)
(t)Building Management Mediation Coordinator's OfficeMs S F CHANMediation Coordinator (Building Management) [up to 1.10.2015]
(u)Information Technology Office (Technical) Ms Mimi WONGActing Senior Systems Manager (1)
Ms Candy CHANSenior Systems Manager (2)
Mr Kelly LAUSenior Systems Manager (3)
Mr Jeffrey FUNGSenior Systems Manager (4)
(v)Information Technology Office (Operational) Mr James WONGSenior Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)1
Ms Hedy WUSenior Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)2
Ms Grace LAWSenior Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)3
Mr M K LAMSenior Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)4 [up to 12.4.2015]
Ms Wendy SHUMActing Senior Judiciary Executive (Information Technology Office)4 [w.e.f. 13.4.2015]

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 Development Division

Mr Esmond LEE, Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Development) [up to 3.3.2015]
Ms Patricia SO, Acting Deputy Judiciary Administrator (Development) [w.e.f. 4.3.2015]
(a)Development OfficeMs Wendy CHEUNGAssistant Judiciary Administrator (Development)
(b)Press & Public Relations OfficeMs Florence WONGPrincipal Information Officer [up to 14.10.2015]
Ms Rita MAPrincipal Information Officer [w.e.f. 15.10.2015]

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 Quality Division

Mr Wilson CHIU, Acting Assistant Judiciary Administrator (Quality and Information Technology)
(a)Complaints OfficeMs Crystal LEEActing Senior Judiciary Executive (Complaints) [up to 12.1.2015]
Ms Crystal LEESenior Judiciary Executive (Complaints) [w.e.f. 13.1.2015]
(b)Court Reporters OfficeMs Maggie CHENGSenior Court Reporter (Development)
(c)Legal Reference and Library SectionMs Miranda FUNGSenior Judiciary Executive (Legal Reference and Library)
(d)Management Information SectionMs Eva LEE Acting Senior Judiciary Executive (Management Information) [up to 16.10.2015]
Ms Eva LEE Senior Judiciary Executive (Management Information) [w.e.f. 17.10.2015]
(e)Management Review SectionMr William CHUNGChief Judiciary Executive (Management Review)

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 Corporate Services Division

Mrs Connie NGAN, Acting Assistant Judiciary Administrator (Corporate Services)
(a)Accommodation SectionMr Roger NGChief Judiciary Executive (Accommodation)
(b)Finance Section Ms Cindy LEEActing Chief Treasury Accountant
(c)Judges and Judicial Officers SectionMs Doreen KWANChief Judiciary Executive (Judges and Judicial Officers) [up to 21.10.2015]
Ms Olivia TSANGChief Judiciary Executive (Judges and Judicial Officers) [w.e.f. 22.10.2015]
(d)Support Staff SectionMs Ivy TANGActing Chief Judiciary Executive (Support Staff) [up to 8.1.2015]
Ms Ivy TANGChief Judiciary Executive (Support Staff) [w.e.f. 9.1.2015]
(e)West Kowloon Law Courts Building Integrated TeamMr Sonny CHINGSenior Architect
Note 1:Assistant Judiciary Administrator (Quality and Information Technology) reports to the Judiciary Administrator direct in respect of areas of his portfolio other than those related to Information Technology Office (Operational).

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