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Small Claims Tribunal Forms

Small Claims Tribunal Forms Enquiries pdf Form
Title to Claim - General Form (SCT01)    [Sample Form] 434 KB
Form of Claim (SCT02)    [Sample Form] 72 KB
Defence 118 KB
Notice of Discontinuance of Claim 290 KB
Form of Counterclaim 125 KB
Notice of Discontinuance of Counterclaim 140 KB
Statement Form (SCT33) 47 KB
Praecipe for Summons to Witness (SCT23) and Summons to Witness (SCT05) 287 KB
Affidavit/Affirmation form 9 KB
Application for review by the Court of First Instance of Tribunal's decision to transfer a claim (SCT07) 81 KB
Application for leave to appeal on point of law (SCT09) 357 KB
Application for review of an Award/Order by a party (SCT08C) 29 KB
Application to set aside an Award/Order (SCT08D) 29 KB
Praecipe for writ of execution of judgment for movable property and writ of Fieri Facias 177 KB

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