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Judicial Conduct

  • Complaints Against a Judge's Conduct
  • Please refer to the pamphlet Complaints Against a Judge's Conduct* for details on complaints against a judge’s conduct.

    Type of complaints to be handled

    Only complaints against a judge’s conduct may be dealt with. Having regard to the principle of judicial independence, since a judicial decision is made by a judge** in the course of independent adjudication, a complaint against the judicial decision cannot be entertained. Anyone who feels aggrieved by a judicial decision can only appeal (where this is available) through the existing legal proceedings.

    Lodging of complaints

    A complaint against a judge’s conduct must be lodged in writing. To make a complaint, you may fill in the complaint form* with supporting documents. Please note that the provision of name and correspondence address is obligatory. The Judiciary will not process your complaint if such information is not provided. Your complaint should only be lodged by post to:

    Secretariat for Complaints against Judicial Conduct
    High Court Building, 38 Queensway, Hong Kong

    Identical or similar complaints against the same judge

    Announcement on handling of identical or similar complaints
    To enable the more efficient communication and handling of complaints of an identical or similar nature against the same judge, the Secretariat may, where appropriate and on the direction of the relevant Court Leader, post the gist of and response to these complaints on its webpage instead of replying to each complaint individually.

  • Guide to Judicial Conduct (October 2004)*
  • Guidelines in relation to part-time Judges and participation in political activities (June 2006)*

* Adobe Reader is required for viewing PDF documents.
** The term “judge” is used to include judges and judicial officers.