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Use of LeaveHomeSafe Mobile App

The Judiciary will implement in two stages a new public health protection measure whereby all persons entering the Judiciary premises will be asked to use the App or other permissible means of recording their visits.

In Stage 1, starting from 22 February 2021, all persons who enter the Judiciary premises will be encouraged to use the App. Those who have smart phones and have yet to have the app installed will be invited to download and use the App before entry. Persons who do not use the App for whatever reasons (including those who do not have smart phones or compatible phones) will still be allowed to enter the premises, but will be reminded to record their whereabouts through their own means.

In Stage 2, starting from 1 March 2021, all persons who enter the Judiciary premises will be asked to use the App. Those who do not scan the venue QR code with the app will be asked to have their names, contact numbers and the dates and times of their visits recorded on a registration form. The form is downloadable here and is available at the Judiciary premises. The data collected will solely be used to facilitate the Government’s work in controlling the spread of COVID-19 and related purposes, and may be provided to the Department of Health, Hospital Authority and law enforcement agencies deployed for epidemiological investigations and contact tracing. All persons who do not use the App and refuse to have their contact information recorded will be denied entry to the Judiciary premises.

While the Judiciary will make every effort to minimize inconveniences to court users, it is inevitable that the measure will mean more time required for court users to gain access to the Judiciary premises, particularly during the peak hours in the early morning or after lunch break. As such, court users are advised to download and learn to use the App before coming to the Judiciary premises and arrive at the Judiciary premises earlier. For details of the App and its downloading, please visit the official website for the App below -