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Competition Tribunal Forms

Competition Tribunal Forms Enquiries MS Word pdf Form
Originating Notice of Application [Form 1, Cap 619D] 84 KB 32 KB
Inter Partes Summons [Form 2, Cap 619D] 68 KB 30 KB
Application for Leave to Intervene in Proceedings [Form 3, Cap 619D] 67 KB 27 KB
Application for Summons to a Witness [Form 4, Cap 619D] 60 KB 27 KB
Summons to a Witness to Appear (and to Produce Documents) [Form 5, Cap 619D] 58 KB 26 KB
Notice of Appeal against Decisions of Registrar of Competition Tribunal [Form 6, Cap 619D] 68 KB 30 KB
Notice of Application for Leave to Apply for a Review of a Reviewable Determination [Form 7, Cap 619D] 64 KB 33 KB
Originating Notice of Claim [Form 8, Cap 619D] 69 KB 35 KB

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