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Public Seating and Ticketing Arrangement

Depending on the circumstances of individual hearings, the Judiciary may put in place special ticketing arrangements to regulate people flow and ensure orderly arrangements in court premises where appropriate. A notice on such ticketing arrangements will be posted at the court building concerned a day before the hearing. Where necessary, such arrangements for specific court hearings will be uploaded to the Judiciary website. In general, members of the public who wish to observe court hearings with ticketing arrangements should note the following points:

  • Members of the public should line up at the designated area of the court building concerned for obtaining admission tickets.
  • The admission tickets will be distributed on a first-come-first-served and one-person-one-ticket basis. The admission tickets will only be valid on the date of issue.
  • To ensure optimal use of the public seats in the hearing court, the seats will not be reserved for ticket holders who do not turn up after the commencement of hearing.
  • During the hearing, when all the admission tickets have been distributed, public seats which have been left vacant for 15 minutes or more will be re-allocated to other court users in such ways which will not unduly disrupt court operations. Re-allocation arrangements may also be made as and when it is considered necessary to enable a better use of vacant seats in the hearing court.

Public Seating and Ticketing Arrangement for High Court Criminal Case no. 51 of 2022 (HCCC 51/2022)